FLAT - An Ice Skating FPS



  • Look around using the mouse or Left and Right cursor keys.
  • Fire using the left mouse button, the X key or the Up cursor key.


  • Hold down the W key and alternate between the A and D keys to build momentum and skate forwards. Hold down the S key whilst doing the same to skate backwards.
  • Pressing the Space bar when traveling at speed will jump. Pressing the Space bar whilst leaning with the A or D keys will dodge sideways.


  • Press the Q key or the H key to use a healthkit and restore all health.
  • Number keys 1, 2 and 3 will switch between weapons (pistol, shotgun and assault rifle).
  • Press the Esc key to pause the game.

Last updated: 05 Dec 2023

Playing FLAT

Your ultimate objective in FLAT is to defeat the Pulse Dragon.

Find additional weapons and healthkits by collecting Supply Capsules. Supply Capsules can be identified from a distance by a downward pointing "skybeam".

Enemy skaters will hunt you down, so be sure to finish them off.

General playing tips:

  • Hold down the W key to skate faster.
  • Combat music cues can give you advanced warning of enemies approaching from behind
  • Keep an eye out for skybeams to your left and right
  • Jumping can be used to dodge projectiles and hop over small crystals
  • Combat is easier when skating backwards

There are also a number of gameplay settings that can be adjusted to tune the game's experience to your preferences.

Last updated: 05 Dec 2023


You play as the last remaining individual of a race who has fallen under the mind control of the evil Pulse Dragon. Marooned on a crystaline world, you must fight your way through hordes of your own kind to slay the mighty Pulse Dragon and free your people.

(Seriously, we didn't have a lot of time to flesh out story <3)

Last updated: 05 Dec 2023